Xstatic Sunsets presents.. Space Pirates!
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Xstatic Sunsets presents.. Space Pirates!

After our Shark Island Launch Party and Cirque Xstatic… we are going intergalactic!

Welcome aboard the ‘Xstatic Voyager’ as we take off into space to explore the universe... inspiring Xstatic joy, dance and connection wherever we go.

Join the crew of Space Pirates, where anyone is welcomed to join the party no matter which planet you're from or how weird you look!! We celebrate our differences, to connect all living beings across the galaxies through music and dance!

You can look forward to a stellar lineup of DJs with two dance floors bringing everything from house to ’80s, funk and soul. Our galactic performers and alien guests will be leading the way to inspire a dance floor that's going to create ripples across the universe!

Dress to express as your intergalactic alter ego. Which planet are you from?

Bring out your inner space pirate!. Get inspired by steampunk, space travellers, robots, alien creatures - make sure you glow! There is no judgement - just go with what your feeling (or just grab the pirate outfit and space gun from the fancy dress box!).

Xstatic Voyager will be launching from Darling Harbour at a place we call ‘Home’ on Saturday, 30th November’. Doors open at 5pm ready for take-off at 6pm as we set sail into the sunset and up into space!



We intentionally curate the best dance party experience possible to enable the natural high, so our events are completely drug and alcohol-free. Dress up and let go of your inhibitions. Once you start moving, expressing and connecting with others you will feel the happy vibes rise up inside you. Wake up the next day feeling fresh (if a little tired from all the dancing!) with great memories of new friends and magical moments that set your soul on fire!


We welcome anyone! No matter your age, colour, religion or background. This is a safe, sober, inclusive and non-judgemental community honouring and respecting each other's differences. We celebrate oneness!


Those in the Xstatic tribe take their dress up pretty seriously as it’s a great way to unleash, let go and lose those inhibitions which hold you back. It’s all about having fun and letting that carefree child within out to play! We don’t judge, we just admire you for being you! There ain’t no rules to dressing up, just have fun doing it!


Xstatic Sunsets is on a mission to inspire a more healthy party culture and improve mental health by creating epic dance parties to enable the natural high.

Without drugs and alcohol, the focus is the dance floor and the music, not the bar, reminding us how much fun we can have without the substances. We believe this can inspire greater moderation and help break dependency to bring more joy into people’s lives.

With a night full of dance, play, connection and a party finishing in time for a good night’s sleep you can get up and do what you love enjoying the happy memories which last.

Gather your mates and bring your costumes, we promise to deliver a spectacular dance party which will take you on a journey into the natural Xstatic high!

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Xstatic Sunsets presents.. Space Pirates!

  • When
    Saturday, 30 November 2019
    (at 5:00 pm)
    to Saturday, 30 November 2019
    (at 11:00 pm)
    Happening in 39 days
  • Location
    Home The Venue - Sunset Rooftop
    Home The Venue, Wheat Road, Darling Harbour NSW, Australia
  • Enquiries & Help
    Xstatic SunSets
    0423 828 445
    Visit website
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